In our shop, you will find bicycles for all the different tastes and needsOur selection includes some of the new as well as the pre-owned classics. However, our most special selection of bicycles comes from the Swedish manufacturer Pilen.


is a pragmatically romantic Swedish bicycle dedicated to people who appreciate quality and well-designed bicycles.
The bikes are made by a family company in Sweden, in a village called Gamleby, located on the beautiful Swedish coast.

7 bike frames - thousands of options! Read closer about the different models here.

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bicycles are available in four different basic models. The basic models can be customized into various versions - including appearance and (additional) equipment.
Choose the color scheme and components according to your taste. Pilen builds a bicycle for you and delivers it to us, as your Pilen Estonia representative - within just a few weeks.
Pilen bicycles are built in the spirit of old Swedish engineering traditions, the foundations of which are:
  • Riding pleasure
  • Safety
  • Freedom of use
Nothing is left to chance - even the smallest parts are thought out and taken into account. You can hear the word quality echoed in every part of the Pilen bicycle.
You are welcome to choose a high-quality bicycle for yourself!
In order to get a better overview, come by the shop yourself or contact us:
  • mobile phone +372 5283038 (workdays 9:00-18:00)